Pave` Setting.

Pave Setting is the mother of all types of setting work and its one of the hardest to master. In the early days of jewelry making (2000 BC), the idea of wearable accessory was to embed colorful gems in to a precious metals (gold & silver), this was done with some painstaking process due to lack of tools and proper knowledge. After centuries of trial and error, humans were able to fabricate and create art work out of precious gems and metals found on the surface of the world (rubies, emeralds, sapphires, jade etc), of course the process was slow and required skills and was only afforded by the royal families and the rich. Fast forwarding to today, we utilize, lasers, computers and modern machines to create jewelry.

I started as a diamond setter at the age of 8, was learning skills from a known master setter at the time after school. 4 years later, I was able to work on expensive pieces along side with my teacher.

Today, I do design by hand or by CAD (Computer Aided Design),

This is a simple pave engagement ring with V Cut design on the sides.

Pave ring