We are old school,we are workaholic, we are opinionated, bWe are old school,we are workaholic, we are opinionated, but we create some of the best jewelry in the industry.

cropped-20150217_1515341-e14256570597663.jpg Magnificence meets you. White gold sapphire and diamond ring 20140715_145902

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Fine Jewelry Created in 4X4 space.

Don’t be shocked, some of the most amazing jewelry in the industry is always created by the most unsuspecting people in hole in the wall kind of places using a round 16 square feet space (a bench, a light, some tools and an endless ambition for creating art).

Have you noticed? Our pictures are usually taken before the item is polished and sparkly, but, believe me, it’s worth just as much before and after polishing. Every piece I create is custom-ordered and handmade.

Tools are handed down, master to master for generations. Styles evolve yet still carry the millennium old technique of fine craftsmanship.

I am old school jewelry designer with nearly 40 years of expertise in stone setting of all kinds (usually the very expensive kind). Over the years, I have integrated modern technology and tools to create some of the most breathtaking pieces of fine art.

My clients are based all around the world with different tastes, budgets and dreams.

When I’m at my bench, I’m in a different world and zoned out completely, focusing only on my task at hand.

I’m usually awakened by the ringing phone or door bell.

Feel free to browse around and see what I do everyday.